Friday, September 21, 2012


I'm absolutely amazed that the Romney campaign has not only failed to cut the salaries of all of their people in half, but that they've actually gone in the other direction and have handed out bonuses!!!!!! Now, I would understand that, on victory night, you give everybody a "Well done!" and a slap on the back and the next day, cut them all nice, fat checks. That would make complete sense.
I can understand that after a loss, you'd need about a month to close up shop, pay off all your bills and debts or at least set up long-term arrangements to do so and maybe, just maybe, you'd have something left over to hand out as a consolation and as a "Better luck next time."
But to hand out bonuses before the campaign is over?!?!? To hand out bonuses to a campaign that's a complete disaster??!?! This is beyond incompetence, this is why the culture of the golden parachute is so horribly inappropriate and so blatantly counterproductive for American business.