Monday, January 12, 2009

Employment after eight years of Bush

Incredibly pitiful. A very sad record that underdoes every president since records began to be kept. The record for the last eight years was a little under 3 million net jobs created. Clinton's was 23 million!!!!!
That was a million and a half more than under Bush Jr., Bush Sr., and Ronald Reagan combined. More jobs in less than half the time.

Bush created about 375,000 jobs per year, Eisenhower created 438,000 per year. Remember, the US population under Eisenhower was half of what it is now!!!! That's not just the worst ever, that's by far the worst ever!

And I'm sorry, but I really had to guffaw at this quote:
Yet to talk to people still inside the Bush White House is to come away with a sense that they do not feel defeated at all. Rather, having been through the crucible of the worst terrorist attack on American soil, two wars, a hurricane of biblical proportions and the gravest economic crisis since the Great Depression, they describe a sense of achievement and honor in having served the country, and in particular this president.  [emphasis in quote]

Keep in mind that in all five cases, the Bush Administration had a great deal to do with creating the problem.  From failing to do due diligence to outright dereliction of duty to deliberately and consciously lying to the country. In none of these cases were they simply unlucky.