Monday, December 19, 2011

Study on Stimulus effectiveness & other stories

PDF on effectiveness of the February 2008 Stimulus.

Also, economist Robert Samuelson criticizes Keynesian theories, but interestingly, fails to spell out any alternatives. Also completely fails to explain why, if the American economy was in such dire straits, interest rates on Ten-Year Treasury Bonds are still so low. The "risk premium" should be through the roof if the situation were even half as bad as he suggests.

Again, Boehner is demonstrating that he's the weakest Speaker of the House in living memory.  What's the point of making deals with a guy who can't deliver?

The entertainment industry is strongly pushing a Stop Online Piracy (SOPA) bill. Funny thing, but their profits at this time are absolutely soaring. Are they trying to destroy the Internet for nothing?

Round-up on Occupy Philly that was in control of Dilworth Plaza for a little under two months.