Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bad news for the 1%

In a dial-poll (People twist their dials as they approve or disapprove of parts of a speech while listening to it), Republicans, Democrats and Independents all very strongly approve of the part of the SOTU where President Obama speaks of wealthy people like himself and others paying "our fair share of taxes." Take a bow, OWS!!!

Oh, and did the House of Representatives pass 30 jobs bills? Uh, no, actually, they did nothing of the kind.

And after the State of the Union speech, former G.W. Bush Budget Director Mitch Daniels gives the Republican rebuttal, proving that he has no better grasp of economics than he did in his former job (Rachel Maddow looks at his career as Governor of Indiana and no, there's no sign that he's improved there, either). Fox News, of course, loved Daniels' speech.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flyer on austerity

Austerity flyer. Austerity strikes me as pretty much THE issue of the Obama Administration. I take a primer piece on it from a piece in Crooks & Liars and jazz it up with some graphics and short pieces before and after.