Tuesday, September 28, 2010

They’re doing just what I’d do

This reminds me of a Fantastic Four story when the FF is trying to decide what Dr. Doom will do. Reed says with no uncertainty what it is that Doom will do. Johnny asks him how he knows that. "That's what I'd do if I were in his position." Johnny agreed that, yeah okay, that made sense.

Republicans are refusing to join Democrats on the Cat Food Commission and are insisting they will not fulfill their assigned role in the anticipated "grand bargain." They're refusing to raise taxes in response to Democrats cutting expenditures. Democrats can take a "cuts-only" solution or no solution at all. If I were a Republican, I'd do precisely what they're doing. Democrats are highly likely to simply roll over and accept a cuts-only solution.

Fire the damn commission and send everyone home!!!  Just dissolve the whole damned thing and accept that nothing good will ever come out of it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

How the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan affect economy

Good piece in New Deal 2.0 discusses how military spending is indeed stimulative, but it provides the least bang for the buck and how the military's "cost-plus" contracting leads to distortions in how private businesses design their products. Inevitably, these problems bleed over from one division of the company into all the other divisions.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I really liked this line

From C&L:
Pitiful, but typical, and tiresome. If these fools [Republican "Young Guns" Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy] knew how to get the "economy back on track" it would have been on track when Bush left office.

Don’t Kill Growth And Jobs In The Name Of Deficit Reduction

The statement on this page, signed by more than 300 economists and major civic leaders, reflects a grave concern that the “austerity economics” being advocated by many politicians in Washington will derail our already weak economic recovery. This statement outlines a progressive approach to reviving the economy and addressing the federal deficit, with the top priority being putting people back to work and investing in the foundational elements of a new economy of broad prosperity.


Update: Slightly different subject, the above post refers to "austerity economics," and I just saw a review of a post which talks about extending the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% of earners in the population. But MMFA refers to a CNNMoney poll which looks at the viewpoints of economists and wow! What a complete and utter frakin' mess! What a marvelous example of how NOT to talk about the viewpoints of a profession!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh, good grief!

What is wrong with the Democratic Party?!?!?! Why can't they stand up for their own professed values? Why are members peeling off from the party to support maintaining Bush's tax cuts for the rich?

I know, I know. The woman asked Will Rogers what organized political party he subscribed to. His response was "Organized? Aw heck no, Ma'am, I'm a Democrat!"

Oh, and Alan Simpson thinks he's found a way to get the money to extend those tax cuts!  Why, we'll just take it out of medical care for veterans! Hey, not a problem! Tax cuts for the rich are SO much more important than medical care for veterans! President Obama is fully supporting the "Cat Food Commission,"  which obviously wants to see your grandparents choosing between various cat chows for their dinner.

I still just don't understand why party members can't just to the line on such a basic issue of Democratic priorities.

Update: At least some folks have the right priorities!  The Congressional Progressive Caucus has said that if the Cat Food Commission report recommends cuts or other changes to Social Security, they will say, you'll lose our support. Ya-a-ayyy!!!!!